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Artist Li Gongming

Professor in Chinese Fine Art History; Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts History, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Professor Li Gongming is an artist, fine arts historian, and culture critic. He is vice-chairman of the Art Theory Committee of the Guangdong Artists Association, visiting fellow at the Guangdong Art Gallery, member of Guangdong Art Gallery academic committee, and the Executive Chief Editor of magazine Gallery.

Gongming is the founder of New Propaganda Poster Movement. He has been actively promoting new propaganda posters since 2002. Gongming has reworked a familiar poster style into new contexts, subjects and needs, along with slogans that address not the poor peasants and workers of the Mao era, but the small-scale farmers and rural under-classes affected by contemporary market reform. He also encourages ordinary people to use this postcard as a medium to address the major social and political problems of their lives. He is currently writing a PhD on the peasant poster movement.

Li Gongming (left), Gallery Director Ann Stephen, Liu Dahong and art historian Clare Roberts at the China and Revolution exhibition opening, University Art Gallery, University of Sydney, 2010


Gongming's welcome banners at the entrance of University Art Gallery (photo by Gemma Deavin)