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Research Outcomes

We will upload pdfs and links on this page as they become available. We include media coverage of the exhibition, and magazine works by Li and Peterson – both research associates on the project. We also refer to articles and talks that have been inspired by our conversations and observations whilst researching contemporary  issues of memory. We cannot usually supply published pdfs for reasons of copyright.

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Presentations and papers:

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Monumental Memories: Xu Weixin and Chinese Historical Figures 1966-1976’ (paper presented at  University of Sydney, Apr 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Monumental Memories: A Discussion of Xu Weixin and His Pedagogic Art’ (paper presented at  Joseph Regelstein Library, University of Chicago, 19 May 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Public Spaces: Branding, Civility and Cinema in Twenty-First Century China’ (paper presented at  National University of Singapore, 16 Sep 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘City, Affect and Adjacent Modernities in Beijing’ (paper presented at  University of Leeds, 7 Oct 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Affect in Beijing’ (paper presented at  School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 14 Oct 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Public Spaces? Branding, Civility and the Cinema in 21st Century China’ (paper presented at  University of Westminster, 16 October 2009).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Consuming the Revolution: Humour, Friendship and the Shaming of Politics in the Work of Liu Dahong’ (paper presented at the The Third International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, The University of South Australia, Adelaide, 6-8 Apr 2010, 2010).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Missing Histories in Film and Art: The Lost Opportunities of Wound Filmmaking in the 1980s’ Mixed Cinema Network’ (paper presented at  University of Leeds, 7 May 2010).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Missing Histories: Ou Yang, Xie Jin and Liu Dahong’, in Missing Histories/ Other Stories: Reflections from the Jiu Year in China, eds. Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Tina Schilbach, and Ivan Cucco (Forthcoming).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Monumental Memories’, (under review)

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, ‘Liu Dahong: Shame, Childhood, and Political Art’, (submitted).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Harriet Evans, and Jiawei Shen, ‘Biography of a Painting: New Perspectives on the Motherland’ (in preparation).

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Leicia Petersen, I Cannot Escape …  (2009)

Harriet Evans, ‘A Lens on Loss of a Neighbourhood: A Photographer’s Record of the Transformation of ‘Old Beijing’ (paper presented at the Uncertain Futures: Planning, Temporality and Globalisation, University of Edinburgh, 21-22 Mar 2009).

Harriet Evans, ‘Communicative Bonds? Changing Experiences and Expectations of the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Urban China’ (paper presented at the International Conference on Gender Studies, Fudan University and Michigan University, Shanghai, 26-29 Jun 2009 ).

Harriet Evans, ‘Missing Records: An Oral History of Everyday Life in ‘Old Beijing’ (paper presented at the 2009 CSAA Conference:Jiu: Commemoration and Celebration in the Chinese-speaking World, University of Sydney, 9-11 Jul 2009).

Harriet Evans, ‘Of Dreams and Dangers: Painters and Poster Art of the Cultural Revolution’ (paper presented at the Red Legacy in China, 2010 Annual Conference of Association for Asian Studies (AAS), University of Southern California, 31 Mar 2010).

Harriet Evans, ‘Red Revelations:  Women in Posters of the Mao Era’ (paper presented at the Red Legacy in China conference, Harvard University, 2-3 Apr 2010).


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Gongming Li, ‘Iconographic Analysis on ‘Class’ and ‘Resentment’ – Focus on Landlord and Farmer Topic in Fine Arts of Mao’s Era “阶级”与“怨恨”的图像学分析—— 以毛时代美术中的地主—农民题材为中心’ (paper presented at the symposium of humanity and social science higher research institute in Taiwan University, Taipei, 2 Nov 2009, 2009).

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Gongming Li, ‘The Pathway to Arts and Politics in Civil Society – Relationships between Contemporary Art Galleries, Artists and the Public from Public Political View of Point 通向公民社会的艺术与政治之途—— 从公共政治的角度研究当代艺术馆与艺术家及公众的关系’, Arts space, no. 1 (2010).

Gongming Li, ‘The Politics of Peasants’ Images and Narration of Modernity – a Study of Chinese Posters since 1949′, in Book The Politics of Peasants’ Images and Narration of Modernity – a Study of Chinese Posters since 1949, ed.^eds. Editor (City: University of Technology Sydney, To be completed).